• building a hospital & 10 clinics 
  • vaccinations to the mass public
  • antibiotics to whom needs it
  • Carts/wheel barrels for efficient logistical labor


Head of Medicine


Head of Food Suppplies

The Black Society Donations Help Build And Maintain Schools in Haiti

  • Building 100 public schools
  • Building 10 libraries
  • Building 10 vocational schools
  • Getting clean water to the public


Head of Education

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let's all get up fight poverty, illiteracy & disease together!

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Work with members of the Haitian community to make a real difference back home in our lifetime.

The BLACK SOCIETY is a dynamic philanthropic organization, dedicated to helping the great nation of Haiti get out of grave poverty. We want to do this through aggressive fundraising and strategic capital allocation of those funds. We prefer not to give men fish. Rather w aim to teach men how to fish. 


our sweet haiti


our own people


for prosperity

Let’s put an end to poverty in Haiti


DO NOT be one of those people that say I would if I could and when you finally can you selfishly do not. Regular organizations do not work because they feed people and not civilizations. We work because we believe if given the chance, Haiti will again be great.

We DO NOT feed, shelter, nor do we cloth underprivileged folks. We aspire to build 1,000 public grade schools, vocational schools & libraries. Because we believe in fact, knowledge is power and illiteracy is a crime that we as a people cannot allow to continue.

Along with education, access to clean water, wheel barrels instead of dragging around heavy buckets, vaccinations & antibiotics are a major priority of ours. We just want to bring efficient logistical tools for workers & we want to increase the already dismal life expectancy.

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